Protect Your Pet with Weight Charting!

  • Caring Responsibly requires Weight Tratcking
  • Simple to Use, Graphs created Automatically
  • Baseline and Alerts are Calculated and Graphed
  • Track ALL your pets, Customize per Pet
  • Keep a Journal, Body Condition Score & more!
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Why Weigh Your Pets Regularly?

  • You can't see or feel a gradual weight loss soon enough
  • Weight loss usually indicates a health problem
  • Early detection can save lives and reduce veterinary expense

Why Use Pet Care Chart?

Better than Excel or a Spreadsheet Program!

  • Much easier than Excel, no spreadsheet skills required
  • Sophisticated formulas done for you
  • Automatic graphing, optional journaling & Body Condition Score
  • Always accessible, even on your smart phone
  • When it's FUN to do, you'll do it more often
  • Your information is secure and backed up daily
  • New features always being developed

Adapts to Your Schedule

  • Regular weighings are ideal, but it adjusts to your schedule
  • Optionally, get a weekly reminder to weigh your pets

Adapt the Calculations to Your Needs

  • Optionally, change the baseline moving average or alert threshold for all of your pets or per pet, for fine control of individual pet's needs
  • Reset the baseline when your pet's condition changes--allowing for realistic pet life events

Contribute to the Greater Good

  • Optionally, flag a pet's weight points as eligible to be included in aggregate weight statistics